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Tzaro Sandals: Best To Wear On Beaches

Hi, my name is Akshay Kapoor and I work as a Marketing Strategist at Accenture, Gurgaon. I am not a regular blogger but there is something that I am really impressed with and I so wanted to share.

I had an official trip to Banglore, the place with lots of beautiful places and beaches. I really love beaches and like spending time just sitting there and looking at the sea. The waves traveling back and forth and the sand, it just makes me feel so relaxed and there is so much of peace there.

It was a 4 days and 3 nights trip out of which I had worked for only 2 days and I used rest of the time to explore the place. Obviously, it was my first time to Banglore so my aim was to move around and capture the beauty of the city as much as I can.

On my third day, I just roamed around and went to places like Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, Cubbon Park, Banglore Aquarium, Lal Bagh, Nandi Temple and Gandhi Bhawan. I know I didn’t explore many places but the places I explored I explored them really well, By this I mean I stayed more time on the places than the normal tourist would stay.

Moreover, I really liked Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace and Cubbon Park. The driver was really good and I think that he took me all the good places of Banglore.

On my last 4th and last day, I spent my whole time on the beach and getting in all the positiveness of such a beautiful place. I like walking on the sand barefoot and sometimes there is no option but a barefoot walk on the beach as you don’t want sand to spoil your footwear. I have been to the places like Mumbai and Goa and there I had to go barefoot to the beaches cause I didn’t want my expensive shoes or sandals to be spoiled.

Due to this concern many times I avoided my presence on beaches, But this time I didn’t want  that to happen so the day I got to know that I had to go to on a trip to Banglore I was crazy excited and started shopping. Not much, but I shopped more for shorts and t-shirts and I was good with the clothes requirements. I wanted to buy shoes online as well.

My major concern was to get such a footwear for myself that won’t ruin my beach experience not just for this Banglore time but for every beach time to come. So, I started digging on the internet and initially, I visited obvious sites like Amazon and Flipkart but I really couldn’t find what I was looking for. I mean there was a lot to choose from but not my thing.

I visited Jabong as well, as it is said that jabong is best for footwear but I failed there as well to find that I was looking for. I was really bothered and thought that this time also I have to go to the beaches barefoot and have to take care of my shoes or my slippers also. So, what I did is I have asked this question on Quora, it was said: “Where can I buy long lasting slippers or sandals online that would work well beaches as well”?

Initially, I didn’t get any good answers. People were referring to Amazon and Flipkart which I already made a visit at. I really felt that I am going down the rabbit hole and it was just 2 days left for the trip. Then, there is this lady named “Sheetal” answered my question and referred a website called Tzaro.


She suggested me to have a look at the products as she had ordered one of her brother and her brother is really happy with the product. I found her genuine and paid a visit to Tzaro and got into its Shoe's Page where I found the category of sandals. The products were really cool and looked tough as well so I thought would be long lasting as well.

The website is all about men’s leather accessories like men’s shoes, watches, wallets, belts, and bags.

Here is the picture of the product I bought.

RON4110NUOLV _1_x500.jpg

This was it, that’s exactly I was looking for actually it was more than that. My sole purpose was to get sandals or slippers for the beach but after finding this I thought this could be used for casual wears as well. Both design and color was good.

I was very impressed with the product but was little conscious about the brand, as it’s new into the market but as I mentioned I only had 2 days left for my trip so despite having this consciousness I ordered the product and with some extra payment they delivered the product on the very next day.

Packing was good and when I opened it I was finally relaxed that I got what I ordered. It was really eye catchy and was going well both jeans and shorts. Finally, i completed my shopping and was ready to go. I only took a nice pair of my formal shoes (for work purposes) and this Tzaro Sandal.

I reached there I completed my work, it all went well. I spent my third day moving around the city and when it came to the beach day I put on my sandals and went to the beach. Believe you me, it’s the best sandals you can ever have.

RON4110NUOLV _6_x500.jpg

The product is made of genuine leather and it didn’t get any harm by sea water and the beach sand. I was totally comfortable with the sandals on the beach. There was no need take the sandals off but I did to feel the sand on by my feets. I spent around 2-3 hours on the beach and was really comfortable lying on the sand listening to the sea’s sound and feeling the wind.

Coming back towards my hotel room I thought I had to clean them up so I must hurry as I have a flight to catch but nothing much much required. I just used a brush to clean it (which I asked the room service guy to help me with) and it was done, it was a clean and free from and sand particle so it’s easy to clean as well.

I have advised many here to buy products from Tzaro and some of them already bought and they reckon what i say about Tzaro. I also advise the readers also to get one for yourself and experience the genuine leather quality and comfort.

I got the discount of 20% by using this code “TZARO20” as it was my first purchase.

Moreover, they also offer Gift Concepts and International Delivery as well, so if anyone wants to gift someone outside India can consider Tzaro.

So the CRUX is, I have had a great experience with Tzaro sandals and it made my trip a “Trip to Remember”.