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Tzaro Sandals: Best To Wear On Beaches

Hi, my name is Akshay Kapoor and I work as a Marketing Strategist at Accenture, Gurgaon. I am not a regular blogger but there is something that I am really impressed with and I so wanted to share.
I had an official trip to Banglore, the place with lots of beautiful places and beaches. I really love beaches and like spending time just sitting there and looking at the sea. The waves traveling back and forth and the sand, it just makes me feel so relaxed and there is so much of peace there.
It was a 4 days and 3 nights trip out of which I had worked for only 2 days and I used rest of the time to explore the place. Obviously, it was my first time to Banglore so my aim was to move around and capture the beauty of the city as much as I can.
On my third day, I just roamed around and went to places like Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, Cubbon Park, Banglore Aquarium, Lal Bagh, Nandi Temple and Gandhi Bhawan. I know I didn’t explore many places but the places I explored I explored them really well, …